Registration, declaration, regulation investigation of other chemical substances

Through our global network, being consisted of all Knoell Group companies and local professional staff, Knoell Japan supports our clients all over the world also for the registration/application of the substances other than new chemicals and by conducting various regulatory researches.

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In particular, in ASEAN and Southeast Asian countries, new laws and regulations related to inductrial chemical management have been newly introduced or amended. It is sometimes not easy, however, for the compnies to collect information and comply with these requirement at their own levels due to languages.

Knoell Group covers languages of more than 30 countries and through a communication with our local experts and the authorities in each areas, we strive to collect acculate inforaion on each regulation.

We are able to assist you with the following regulations

  • EU: Biocide regulation
  • China: Hazardous Chemicals Registration, Food Contact Materials and article regulation
  • Thailand: Hazardous Substance Law, List 5.6 Notification
  • Indonesia: B3 registration
  • Vietnam: Chemical Law
  • Malaysia: EHSNR, Class regulations
  • Singapore: Environmental protection management law
  • Others
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